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Hornby History

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Preserving the past to educate the present and enhance the future.

Hornby History

1873 – Greenfield Township School Board authorizes construction of Hornby School immediately behind Shadduck School as replacement for the old log structure.

December 1875 – Hornby School opens.  Hornby School was in operation for 81 years.

May 1956 - Hornby School closed.  Building and contents sold at auction.  Building is abandoned and vacant.  

1973 – In preparation for Hornby School's 100th birthday, Hornby School Restoration Society is formed as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity whose purpose is to restore the school in as near original condition as is possible.

1981  - After replacing the foundation, repairing the roof, and gathering donations to fill the interior, Hornby School Museum opens to the public.

One-room school in disrepair I 1973