program highlights

Groups spend the day


Groups of all ages--School classes, home schoolers, day care, summer schools, scouts, and senior centers--make an outing at the Hornby School Museum.

Costumes provided


Volunteers have sewn costumes  that include prairie bonnets, and prairie dresses for girls sizes 4 through 3X.

Bring your own authentic lunch


Hornby School Museum offers "how-to" guides to pack lunches exactly as they did in the 1880s.  A sandwich, some pickles, and some cookies were as popular then as they are now.

Hands -on artifacts from 1880s


Ring the bell in the belfry, pump water from the well, play authentic Victorian childhood games.  Whether you visit for an  hour, a day, or attend a special event, the experience is yours.

Vintage book collection


Read the 19th century stories, study the spelling words, test your skill at "mental math".  Our books will show you how.

Activities and fundraisiing


Student visitors created these quilt squares.  Adult volunteers sewed them  into a quilt which was raffled at the North East  Community Fair.